Camino Kuchucanch [August 22, 2011 – Sunday]

First off, Happy Birthday Dad!  It was a bit surreal being unable to call or contact in any capacity, but I was sending my positive vibes 🙂 Sñr Crispin and his wife made us breakfast (delicious), we packed up our things, and waited outside on the street for Victor to meet up with us.  Looking … Continue reading

Theropod Dinos and Thanksgiving

“Enjoy eating your theropod dinosaur tomorrow.” – Professor S. Yes, he is referring to none other than your Thanksgiving main dish — turkey, chicken, quail if you’re fancy (not tofurky).  Birds are phylogenetically believed to have evolved from theropod dinosaurs in the mid-late Jurassic period (over 150 ma).  Theropods (Greek meaning “beast-footed”) are bipedal saurichian … Continue reading

Tinqui [August 21, 2011 – Saturday]

Boarded the 9:45 AM bus to Tinqui (the closest town to Victor’s house in the Vilcanota range) from a nameless bus station — all I know is what we told the taxi driver… the bus station on Calle Tomasa Tito, en front de Coliseo.  All our bags were carried onto the top of the bus … Continue reading

Pre-Ausangate Logistics [20 August 2011, Saturday]

Bought a massive ton of food staples for the camping trip — quinoa, water, bread, tortillas, soup base, powdered milk, cocoa, granola, rubbery mountain cheese, and many many gallons of water.

Good Food and a Museum [19 August 2011, Friday]

Pretty relaxing day, had a delicious Hostal Qorichaska breakfast (as usual), tasty lunch at El Encuentro (pretty much my favorite vegetarian place in Cusco) and checked out the Incan History Museum.  No pictures allowed, but it was really fascinating — showed the progression from pre-Incan to Incan to colonial take-over to modern times through art, … Continue reading

Sleepytime Xtra

Ah, I can’t fall asleep and I have an exam tomorrow morning.  So basically, I’m about to chug this bad boy and Sleepytime Extra myself to sleep.  Whoo herbal drugs. Update: So Sleepytime Extra utterly failed me.  I did headstands yoga-style, read an article in the National Geographic about rock climbing in Yosemite, planned my … Continue reading

Ruins [August 18, 2011 – Thursday]

Tambomachy, Pukapukara, Q’enqo, and Saqsayhuaman are Incan ruins in the northern outskirts of Cusco.  Tambomachay is the northern-most of the four ruins, and we decided to take a (very expensive) taxi there and walk the 11km back down to the Plaza de Armes.  It was a stunning way to whet appetites for hiking, and it … Continue reading

Lazy Friday

One of the best feelings is waking up slow and cozy to the sound of rain and knowing you that don’t have to get up for hours.

Arrival [August 17, 2011 – Wednesday]

I arrived at the Lima International Airport in Peru at 12:30AM.  The domestic flight terminal was practically empty, thankfully, as I was feeling a tight nervousness at having only my first grader Spanish skills to use (acquired nearly 8 years ago from 2 years of middle school/high school Spanish classes) and being alone in a … Continue reading


Peru was absolutely amazing.  I learned and experienced an incredible amount in just one month.  However, there were a couple of things that I miscalculated before I set out: a)  The amount of Internet I would have access to — In Cusco, the wifi could be quite unstable, and pretty much nonexistant in the more … Continue reading

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