The Women’s Co-op and Pottery Making [August 30, 2011 – Tuesday]

How surreal is it, that you wake up early and do yoga in the hostel’s studio above the dining area?  A few of the group also went running through the city, and I was jealous I didn’t pack any shorts or exercise-y pants so I could join them (mostly rainforest/mountain clothes in my luggage). The … Continue reading

Moray Ruins and the Salt Mines [August 29, 2011 – Monday]

The drive towards the salt mines, similar to the landscape I saw on the trek around Saqsaywayman, were dotted with pine trees and eucalyptus —  they always seemed a tad bit out of place against the landscape.  I later on learned that their presence had to do with the shortage of wood that occured when … Continue reading

  • "To those who stay put, the world is but an imaginary place. But to the movers, the makers, the shakers, the world is all around them, an endless invitation."