Moray Ruins and the Salt Mines [August 29, 2011 – Monday]

The drive towards the salt mines, similar to the landscape I saw on the trek around Saqsaywayman, were dotted with pine trees and eucalyptus —  they always seemed a tad bit out of place against the landscape.  I later on learned that their presence had to do with the shortage of wood that occured when … Continue reading

Relaxing and Rooftop Dining [August 28, 2011 – Sunday]

After lunch at Don Panchito’s next door (delicious empanadas and jugo (juice) de maracuyá), we gathered together in the courtyard of the Hostal Alfonso II for logistics.  We were given the opportunity to spend another day exploring the city, but the “orientation” group talk we had lasted till 3PM, and we had to meet up … Continue reading

Rest Day in la Ciudad [August 27, 2011 – Saturday]

Woke up bright, early, rested, and warm.  Probably my favorite way to wake up.  Had the customary hostel breakfast — flat bread with eggs (I always got em scrambled) and a bit of butter, flat bread with jam, fresh squeezed juice — papaya –, and hot chocolate (real, frothy, milky hot chocolate!). The rest of … Continue reading

Last Day on Ausangate [August 26, 2011 – Friday]

Malachi was still there in the morning, which I half hoped he wouldn’t be, as it was freezing last night and he probably had a home to go to.  We had our customary oatmeal (or quinoa flakes) mixed with granola and powdered milk, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ended up … Continue reading

Tinqui [August 21, 2011 – Saturday]

Boarded the 9:45 AM bus to Tinqui (the closest town to Victor’s house in the Vilcanota range) from a nameless bus station — all I know is what we told the taxi driver… the bus station on Calle Tomasa Tito, en front de Coliseo.  All our bags were carried onto the top of the bus … Continue reading

Pre-Ausangate Logistics [20 August 2011, Saturday]

Bought a massive ton of food staples for the camping trip — quinoa, water, bread, tortillas, soup base, powdered milk, cocoa, granola, rubbery mountain cheese, and many many gallons of water.

Good Food and a Museum [19 August 2011, Friday]

Pretty relaxing day, had a delicious Hostal Qorichaska breakfast (as usual), tasty lunch at El Encuentro (pretty much my favorite vegetarian place in Cusco) and checked out the Incan History Museum.  No pictures allowed, but it was really fascinating — showed the progression from pre-Incan to Incan to colonial take-over to modern times through art, … Continue reading

Ruins [August 18, 2011 – Thursday]

Tambomachy, Pukapukara, Q’enqo, and Saqsayhuaman are Incan ruins in the northern outskirts of Cusco.  Tambomachay is the northern-most of the four ruins, and we decided to take a (very expensive) taxi there and walk the 11km back down to the Plaza de Armes.  It was a stunning way to whet appetites for hiking, and it … Continue reading

Arrival [August 17, 2011 – Wednesday]

I arrived at the Lima International Airport in Peru at 12:30AM.  The domestic flight terminal was practically empty, thankfully, as I was feeling a tight nervousness at having only my first grader Spanish skills to use (acquired nearly 8 years ago from 2 years of middle school/high school Spanish classes) and being alone in a … Continue reading

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