Movement Lifestyle theTOUR

The Choreographers: Brian Puspos, Vinh Nguyen, Kyle Hanagami, Mari Madrid, Keone Madrid, Lyle Beniga.  It goes without saying that they are all amazing, talented, and creative individuals.

I’ve been meaning to write about the Tour, which happened weeks ago (Oct. 20-21), and has taught me so much about what it is to be a dancer.  Movement Lifestyle is a dance collective based out of LA, filled with inspiring, hardworking, creative artists, and some of my personal dance heroes.  So naturally, signing up for a two-day dance workshop with them is simultaneously thrilling and intimidating.

I’ve worked hard as a dancer over the past 5 years, coming from almost no dance background, to hone physicality and musicality. And, while I am far from being one of the best of the best or reaching my full potential, I strive to embrace the feeling of a choreographer’s piece and integrate my own movement personality.  I find that I dance best and grow the most when I finally put the moves themselves on the back burner and just let their quality move me  — i.e. put all that neurotic “I must get everything right to perfection” out the door.  It’s like all that intricate choreographic movement is a foundation, but it’s your experience and character that fills up the space and makes it wonderful and unique.  Ha!  Easier said than done, but I try to keep on it.

This workshop truly made me realize that dance is not about perfection (well I suppose unless you are in ballet, but we all now what real perfection in ballet turns into… Black Swan anybody?) or even getting the moves down all the way (gasp!).  It’s about embodying that movement and music into your body, leaving it all on the dance floor, and having fun.  Even if you made a mistake, you can walk out of that studio knowing that you gave it your all, and know that you developed as a dancer by pushing your limits.

I wanted to share what I hastily typed onto my iPhone Sunday night, high from the Tour’s experience, and really tired.  So yeah, it’s no Hemingway, and it’s all bad sentence structure and excitedness.  Hell, I love that though.

I’m completely at loss for the words to describe this weekend.  Dancing at the Movement Lifestyle Tour was an amazing growing experience that has left me more confident and inspired by all the incredible talent the choreographers and other dancers have.  I was nervous going in, but I’ve emerged this weekend feeling as though I’ve accomplished an incredible feat both physically and mentally, motivated to push harder in my dance goals and beyond, and a little (a lot) sore.  Can never forget this feeling, the feeling that I truly belong to dance, and the inspiration from the choreographers to work/train/learn harder, and to show your passion through movement!

Haha, I love how excited I was after it ended, at having accomplished something so motivating and fun.

In the words of the late great MJ, “Let that rhythm get into you, don’t try to fight it, there ain’t nothing that you can do.”

Brian Puspos

Vinh Nguyen

Lyle Beniga

Keone Madrid

Ms. Mari Madrid, leading the warmup

Brian and Vinh

Lyle Beniga teaching

The ML Crew performing Kyle Hanagami’s piece

Vinh talking about his piece

Vinh Nguyen’s choreo

Brian Puspos having a powwow with us before teaching

ML crew doing Brian’s choreo

Ughhh, Brian!

Mari teaching… such a fun and different piece!

ML crew!

ML crew doing Mari’s choreo

“I’m all over it now, and I cant say how glad I am about that!!!”

Mari Madrid

Vinh’s solo at the choreographer showcase

Kyle Hanagami’s solo. Full o’ that honest emotion

Mari and Keone Madrid’s piece to “Dangerous”. So so so good!

Movement Lifestyle theTOUR Season II – Seattle Edition… SEE YOU NEXT TIME

Movement Lifestyle. What moves you?

*All photos courtesy of Movement Lifestyle

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  1. Not what I was thinking but excellent anyway! Congrats!

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