Rest Day in la Ciudad [August 27, 2011 – Saturday]

The Incan mural on Av. El Sol. I couldn't find a great recent picture of it, so instead, here's one with an old Beetle in it. -- Photo credits unknown

Woke up bright, early, rested, and warm.  Probably my favorite way to wake up.  Had the customary hostel breakfast — flat bread with eggs (I always got em scrambled) and a bit of butter, flat bread with jam, fresh squeezed juice — papaya –, and hot chocolate (real, frothy, milky hot chocolate!).

The rest of the people in our program started trickling in, and I met a ton of people all at once.  Which was a bit overwhelming considering the day before we were in remote wilderness, so twenty-odd socializing people in one place was a complete 180.

The first thing I did (as well as the other four who went to Ausangate) after breakfast/brief introductions was to find a lavandería and get our laundry done.  The man who ran the place seemed taken completely off guard because we caught him right after his lunch break with five large bags of dirty clothes, but he was nice, albeit flustered, and delivered our laundry folded and all later in the evening.

We trundled over to the Plaza de Armas to return some of our hiking gear.  After that we went looking for some place we could relax for a while, so we stopped by an ice cream/bakery place on Avenida Sol.  I ordered a lúcuma-flavored one (a fruit that is deeelicious and tastes like something of a cross between a mango and maple syrup).  Along with maracuyá and granadilla (types of passion fruit), best “new” fruit I tried there.  We holed up on the second floor balcony of the ice cream place where we people-watched, ate our ice cream, and wrote out postcards.

Lúcuma - Photo credits to ladema


Lúcuma photo by ladema


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