Relaxing and Rooftop Dining [August 28, 2011 – Sunday]

After lunch at Don Panchito’s next door (delicious empanadas and jugo (juice) de maracuyá), we gathered together in the courtyard of the Hostal Alfonso II for logistics.  We were given the opportunity to spend another day exploring the city, but the “orientation” group talk we had lasted till 3PM, and we had to meet up again at 6PM, so I ended up just relaxing around the hostal.

Meeting in the courtyard of Hostal Alfonso II -- Photo by Sang C.

We took a taxi to Plaza de Armas and walked as a huge mob to Marcelo Batata, a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the city on the rooftop dining area. Great vegetarian cuisine (quite a bit of the people in our group were vegetarians, including Ursula, one of the program leaders), and all but gorged myself on salad and grilled sweet onions.

We passed this sign next the kitchen -- Photo by Sarah H.

View of cathedrals and the city from our rooftop vantage point -- Photo by Anna W.

Figuring out the taxi situation after dinner -- Photo by Sang C.



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