Where do you fall asleep?

I’m having one of those nights past 2AM when all the signs point to sleep, but nothing seems to settle.  As I close my eyes, my mind suddenly wanders to various mental images of moments right before I fall asleep, in quick, fleeting bursts.  It’s strange. It’s accompanied by a light-heartedness that comes nostalgia, a … Continue reading

The Women’s Co-op and Pottery Making [August 30, 2011 – Tuesday]

How surreal is it, that you wake up early and do yoga in the hostel’s studio above the dining area?  A few of the group also went running through the city, and I was jealous I didn’t pack any shorts or exercise-y pants so I could join them (mostly rainforest/mountain clothes in my luggage). The … Continue reading

Moray Ruins and the Salt Mines [August 29, 2011 – Monday]

The drive towards the salt mines, similar to the landscape I saw on the trek around Saqsaywayman, were dotted with pine trees and eucalyptus —  they always seemed a tad bit out of place against the landscape.  I later on learned that their presence had to do with the shortage of wood that occured when … Continue reading

Relaxing and Rooftop Dining [August 28, 2011 – Sunday]

After lunch at Don Panchito’s next door (delicious empanadas and jugo (juice) de maracuyá), we gathered together in the courtyard of the Hostal Alfonso II for logistics.  We were given the opportunity to spend another day exploring the city, but the “orientation” group talk we had lasted till 3PM, and we had to meet up … Continue reading

Rest Day in la Ciudad [August 27, 2011 – Saturday]

Woke up bright, early, rested, and warm.  Probably my favorite way to wake up.  Had the customary hostel breakfast — flat bread with eggs (I always got em scrambled) and a bit of butter, flat bread with jam, fresh squeezed juice — papaya –, and hot chocolate (real, frothy, milky hot chocolate!). The rest of … Continue reading

Last Day on Ausangate [August 26, 2011 – Friday]

Malachi was still there in the morning, which I half hoped he wouldn’t be, as it was freezing last night and he probably had a home to go to.  We had our customary oatmeal (or quinoa flakes) mixed with granola and powdered milk, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ended up … Continue reading

15,771 ft. [August 25, 2012 – Thursday]

The morning we woke up at Singrenacocha, somebody came up with the excellent idea of adding our chocolate powder mix to the oatmeal/quinoa/granola breakfast, which was AMAZING.  Genius.  Too bad we basically ran out of the chocolate that morning.  The “hot chocolate” mix we got at La Canasta ended up as more of a chocolate … Continue reading

Singrenacocha [August 24, 2011 – Wednesday]

We headed for Singrenacocha at 8:30 AM, a beautiful lake that would allow us to take a 2 day roundtrip back to Victor’s house.  “Singrenacocha” simply means the lake of the Singrena region — “Cocha” means “lake” in Quechua (the dialect spoken in the Andes) and Singrena is the surrounding area.  Additionally, Tim wanted to … Continue reading

Victor’s Alpaca Farm [August 23, 2011 – Tuesday]

Woke up at 5:30AM.   Nevermind how early that sounds, I still ended up getting 10hrs of sleep.  Sunset at 6PM without electricity = going to bed around 7PM.  Believe me, I tried to stay up reading with my headlamp, but the sleeping bag is just so enticingly warmmm, and it is difficult to stay … Continue reading

Camino Kuchucanch [August 22, 2011 – Sunday]

First off, Happy Birthday Dad!  It was a bit surreal being unable to call or contact in any capacity, but I was sending my positive vibes 🙂 Sñr Crispin and his wife made us breakfast (delicious), we packed up our things, and waited outside on the street for Victor to meet up with us.  Looking … Continue reading

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